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Kenya Kindness: New Life Home Trust – Nairobi, Kenya

New Life Home Trust: Nairobi, Kenya

Hi, I would like to introduce myself as part of the Lil Nipper team. My name is Larry and I would like to share a part of my recent family vacation with you. I was fortunate enough to take a vacation with my wife and two daughters and their husbands in September. We also had the company of two of my oldest daughter’s co-workers all of whom are in the medical field caring for babies in a hospital setting. Our trip was to Egypt and Kenya and while in Kenya we had the privilege of visiting an orphanage facility in Nairobi, New Life Home Trust,  where one of my daughter’s co-workers’ niece manages that facility and three others. The facility we visited specialized in rescuing abandoned, at-risk, and special needs babies. As part of our vacation and visit we brought along a special large suitcase stuffed with essential items the orphanage relies on to care for the babies as they operate completely on donations with no government support. It included 400 pairs of assorted-size diapers, 50 pullups for some of the larger children at the facility with disabilities, 20 wash clothes, 15 infant bibs, and 15 toddler bibs. Along with the needed soft goods the Lil Nipper team supplied 2 each of the Infant, Child, and Adult size Lil Nipper nail clippers to share among the orphan children and staff.


Observing and playing with the babies


We were all quite impressed with the effort the orphanage makes to care for these babies and children. This facility limits the capacity of babies to 55 so that they can concentrate on giving quality care. They also have a goal of getting all babies adopted by age 2 if possible and have been extremely successful in their attempt. Another highlight was seeing several young adults that were in the care of the orphanage as older children working at the orphanage helping out with feeding and taking care of the babies. One was entering his final year of high school and the other was preparing to start college. It was also moving to know that they celebrate all birthdays with a party, a card, and small gifts so no child ever goes through life without being able to remember they had a birthday party.

The rest of the vacation crew waiting for transport at airport in Africa

If you feel that you would be interested in helping out by making a donation of goods or a financial donation please visit You can also find them on Facebook or Instagram at @/newlifehomeke. Please help if you can as these babies and children’s lives depend on you.  For any additional information please check out


Lil Nippers packed and ready for their trip to Kenya

Thank you in advance for your consideration and kindness. Larry and the Clip Different Team!

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Kenya Kindness: New Life Home Trust – Nairobi, Kenya

Kenya Kindness! Read the story of Larry, a Lil Nipper team member, who had the opportunity to visit New Life Home Trust. New Life Home Trust is an orphanage in Nairobi, Kenya, that specializes in rescuing abandoned, at-risk, and special needs babies and children.
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