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Your desired nail length is determined by how little or how much of your nail you insert into the nail-slot.

If you’re questioning between two models, we recommend getting the one for the smaller nails. Most people can still use the smaller sized nail-slot past the age designations.

No.  The nail clipper makes a smooth cut. Your nails will have a soft edge after trimming. Sometimes it can take a couple tries to get the feel of it, but once you do, you won’t go back.

It works great on toenails of infants and kids. Adults who can reach their toenail have found the trimmers quite effective if the nail is able to fit into the slot.

Trimmed nails drop into a hidden compartment to be discarded later. No mess! Just slide the bottom tray to dispose.

Yes! You have full control of how much nail is trimmed by how much nail is inserted into the nail-slot. For shorter nails, tip your finger allowing more nail into the slot.

Neither! These Lil Nipper devices introduce an entirely NEW way to maintain your nail by using a surgical-grade stainless steel blade that precisely trims slivers of your nails. Feel confident that the safety plate protects any skin from contacting the blades so just your nails get trimmed. Always!

No. The device creates a low hum like other electronic devices but it’s not loud.

No! We do not recommend exposing the clipper to water.

Plug into any USB cord: computer, wall, car, airplane … you get the idea 😜

Simply wipe down with a warm washcloth and gentle soap or alcohol wipe.

The blinking light is a low battery indicator. While charging, your Lil Nipper is fully charged when the blinking light stops.

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Join us, in helping to make a social connection with seniors at risk of loneliness and depression. And in doing so, share the gift of independent nail grooming. Connection and Independence, a true gift!!

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