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Lil Nipper Assistive Technology Awareness Day The Lil Nipper Product LIne

Assistive Technology Awareness Day

Whether it’s encouraging your toddler’s independence, helping an elderly loved one maintain their self-reliance, or giving dad a new way to help with the newborn, these nail clippers are safe, easy, and reliable. Each product provides independence to loved ones.
Love Is All Around at Lil Nipper

Love Is All Around

With Valentine’s Day coming on February 14, it is the season of love. We want to take this opportunity to tell you how much we love and care about all of you.

New Year, New Innovations

To ClipDifferent it means amplifying a message within the pockets of communities not aware of a “remarkable safe & easy” nail clipping alternative. Customers and those who understand first-hand the challenges people sometimes face using traditional methods to maintain healthy nails. People from all walks of life share their gratitude.
Ho Ho Holidays Lil Nipper Red and White Stitch

Ho Ho Holidays

Change Does Not Happen Overnight and true systemic change never will. It is with careful nurturing, educating, and persisting that lasting change is brought about. It was in response to a need for innovation that ClipDifferent was born.
Donate to Gifts for SeniorsHelp Make an Impact in the Lives of Isolated Seniors

Join us, in helping to make a social connection with seniors at risk of loneliness and depression. And in doing so, share the gift of independent nail grooming. Connection and Independence, a true gift!!

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