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50 Maternity Leave Gifts Women Actually Want

50 Memorable Maternity Leave Gifts Women Actually Want

Maternity leave is exquisitely beautiful and exquisitely tough — in equal measure. Gift the new mom in your life a little something special. We've sorted the gifts women actually want from cozy & sweet to practical & inspiring.
Baby Safety Month

Baby Safety Month – Lil Nipper® for Little Fingers & Toes

Welcoming home a new baby is something that can trigger joy. It can be a time of great excitement and tenderness. It can also bring apprehension. New parents may feel overwhelmed when it comes to protecting little ones. September is Baby Safety Month and JPMA has put together tips and resources for parents and caregivers to keep babies safe.
Lil Nippers Automatic Nail Clippers Work for the Whole Family #Back2School22

Lil Nipper Nail Clippers Work for the Whole Family Back-to-School

As a mama and now a Mimi, new babies are pretty scary. It’s the little things like giving them a bath, brushing their hair or cutting their fingernails that really scare me because you don’t want to hurt them. Lil Nipper nail clippers give kids a way to make cutting their fingernails a little easier...for mamas too.
Transforming Ordinary Nail Clipping A Diagram of Days Past

Transforming Ordinary Nail Clipping

June is National Safety Month. To honor it, let’s talk about the patented safety features of the ClipDifferent products. The “status quo” fingernail clipper diagrammed above has sharp edges, can be difficult to squeeze, and leaves nail clippings scattered about. OUCH, AAUGH and EWWW!! Now try clipping a wriggling or defiant child's nails and you have a recipe for disaster. This litany of hazards is the impetus for ClipDifferent.
Caring for young and old, Clipping The Status Quo

Clipping The Status Quo

Looking up the definition of status quo, a picture of the traditional nail clipper could be included. The compound lever and claw-style tool hasn’t changed much since the 19th century. And it works “good enough” for many people. Except
Lil Nipper Nail Clippers Your Ordinary is Extraordinary

Your Ordinary is Extraordinary

April is Limb Loss and Limb Different Awareness Month. According to the Amputee Coalition, 2 million people live with limb loss or limb difference and 28 million more people live with the possible risk of amputation. The main cause is vascular disease such as diabetes or peripheral arterial disease among others. To learn more about limb loss and limb difference, read these statistics.
Donate to Gifts for SeniorsHelp Make an Impact in the Lives of Isolated Seniors

Join us, in helping to make a social connection with seniors at risk of loneliness and depression. And in doing so, share the gift of independent nail grooming. Connection and Independence, a true gift!!

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